Blood Chemistry Analysis

Don’t let ‘normal’ fool you – discover the true story of your health with functional blood chemistry analysis.

Have you ever felt like something just isn’t right with your health, but your doctor says that your blood tests are normal? You’re not alone. Conventional blood testing often misses subtle imbalances and potential health risks that can be contributing to your symptoms. At The Minimalist Naturopath, we believe that “normal” doesn’t always mean “healthy.”

That’s why we offer Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA). Unlike traditional blood tests, which rely on broad reference ranges based on statistical averages, FBCA uses detailed and individualized interpretation of blood test results to look for optimal ranges rather than just “normal” ones. By doing so, FBCA can identify potential health problems before they become diagnosable diseases, and provide valuable insight into your overall health and wellbeing.


Get to the root cause of your health complaints using the world’s most advanced blood test interpretation technology

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is a cutting-edge blood testing approach that uses personalised, functional ranges to detect health problems before they become full-blown diseases. Unlike traditional blood tests, FBCA enables us to identify sub-clinical health problems that may not show up on standard tests, enabling us to create targeted interventions to address these issues. By monitoring your health indicators over time, FBCA provides a valuable tool for tracking your progress and optimising your health. It’s a powerful and cost-effective screening tool that can help you achieve optimal health and prevent disease.

FBCA provides an impressive amount of information regarding a range of body systems and physiological processes, all of which can be tracked over time. This includes insight into:

  • liver and gallbladder function
  • kidney function
  • electrolyte balance
  • adrenal and thyroid function
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • inflammation
  • blood sugar regulation
  • cardiovascular risk
  • gastrointestinal function
  • hormone balance
  • hydration status
  • immune system function
  • oxygen-carrying capacity
  • toxicity and oxidative stress
  • acid/base balance; and
  • allergy tendencies.

Is FBCA right for me?

FBCA may be right for you if you want to get to the bottom of an elusive health complaint or simply want more information to make informed decisions about your health. Some common reasons to consider getting a FBCA include:

  • Getting a second opinion as it relates to existing ‘normal’ blood work
  • Uncovering blind spots/weak links and identifying healing opportunities
  • Assessing nutrient status to help guide diet changes and supplementation
  • Highlighting sub-clinical problems before they develop into something more serious,
  • Monitoring the effects of diet, exercise, and lifestyle interventions
  • Tracking health trends and disease risk over time
  • Gaining deeper insight into the underlying causes of your health complaints, and
  • Having a more sensitive way to evaluate health that’s better suited to early detection.

Here’s How To Get Started With Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis:


Blood Drawn

Skip this step if you already have blood work completed. You’ll either need your healthcare provider to order your blood work (see below for a list of basic markers to request), or you can order the test privately using iScreen. See our recommended panel handout below for a link to the recommended panels to order from i-screen).


Send Us
Your Results

Once your blood test results arrive back from the lab, send us a copy via email and we will run the analysis.


Receive Your
Report In 48 Hours

Once the analysis is complete, we’ll send you your comprehensive FBCA report via email, typically within 48-hours.


Attend Your Results
Consultation (Optional)

Book your 60-minute consultation to discuss your results, get your questions answered, and receive recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and nutritional supplementation.


What blood markers shall I get tested?

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is a highly sophisticated approach to blood testing that analyses over 125 individual biomarkers to provide a detailed understanding of your body’s biochemistry. The more markers we have to analyse, the more accurate and comprehensive your report will be. We recommend that you ask your healthcare provider to run the following panels to ensure that we have all the necessary information for a thorough analysis: